Acting and Voice Classes

This is a private class with a half hour of singing and a half hour acting. Students will work on a variety of acting techniques:

     •Slatting: Giving name and age in a creative and fun way.

     •Monologues: Short paragraphs from musicals, plays, and everyday situations.

     •Commercials: Selling a product on TV

     •Scenes: From various Broadway Musicals, plays or Shakespeare.

     •Improv: To be given a situation and do it on the spot.

     •Cold Reading: Reading a scene without rehearsing.

All this helps prepare the student to go on auditions.


Vocal Coaching

Students will do warm up exercises, and learn proper technique, breathing, and mouth placement. The student will learn a variety of music including show tunes and songs from recording artist past and present.


Wee-Sing-Kids Ages 2-5

If your child loves nursery rhymes stories, acting and crafts this is the class to be in. Each class they will act out familiar nursery rhymes, which they perform for family and friends at our Mini Showcase. They will also read a story and do a craft that goes along with the theme of the story each class. Older children will also have to act the opportunity to act out the story the read.



A 2 hour class. This class will incorporate a 1 hour of poise, technique, and acting. It will also include an hour of all the elements of ballet. Students will learn terminology, vocabulary, will gain technique, proper alignment, flexibility, balance and coordination. As part of the modeling class students will work on runway, print work.


Musical Theatre

This is a unique experience for anyone who loves to sing, dance, ect. Learn the basic techniques of Musical Theater through vocal skills, monologues, commercials and dance. Great for anyone who loves to be on stage or wants to audition for their school musical or community theater.


Elite Musical Theatre Workshop

This is high intensity singing,acting and dance class for advance students only. All students must take voice and acting and at least 2 different dance classes.  Students will work on vocal skills, monologues, and scenes  from  various musicals or original ones they write as a class. They will incorporate the scenes with and various styles of dance they helped choreograph, They must wear black pants, leotard and FAME T-Shirt.